Macquarie Korea Infrastructure Fund

Macquarie Korea Infrastructure Fund


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Establishment 12 December 2002
Listing 15 March 2006
Investment mandate Infrastructure assets in Korea
Trading code Korea Exchange (KS.088980)
Total number of outstanding shares 435,781,355 shares
Asset manager Macquarie Korea Asset Management Co., Ltd.

MKIF is the leading infrastructure fund in Korea with the largest portfolio of infrastructure projects that were launched under the Act on Public Private Partnerships in Infrastructure (the “PPI Act”).

MKIF was established in December 2002 with a mandate to invest in project companies that construct, operate, and manage infrastructure projects in Korea as defined under the PPI Act, including toll roads, bridges, tunnels, and ports. MKIF invests in project companies through equity and debt. MKIF is focused on generating profits from its investments, and distributing these profits to MKIF’s shareholders.

MKIF seeks to satisfy the risk appetite of long-term investors such as pension funds and life insurance companies, as well as individual investors expecting stable dividend income. MKIF is listed on the Korea Exchange and its outstanding shares are publicly traded through securities brokerage companies.

MKIF structure

Service providers

MKIF operates under the legal and regulatory framework established by the Financial Investment Service and Capital Markets Act (the “FSCMA”) and the PPI Act. MKIF is required by the FSCMA to appoint a corporate director/asset manager, a custodian, an administrator, and a sales agent.

MKIF has appointed Korea Securities Finance Corp. as its custodian, Samjong KPMG AAS Inc. as its administrator. Common stock issued by MKIF can be traded through opening the stock trading accounts at securities companies listed and registered on the Korea Exchange (“KRX”).

MKIF’s Corporate Director / asset manager

MKIF is managed by MKAM. MKAM performs its obligation as MKIF’s manager pursuant to the Management Agreement with MKIF. MKAM is licensed to provide asset management services to MKIF under the supervision of the Financial Services Commission, the financial regulatory body of Korea.

Corporate governance

Board of Directors

Investment portfolio