Macquarie Korea Infrastructure Fund


Board of Directors

MKAM Board of Directors

MKAM is the Corporate Director and asset manager of MKIF pursuant to the Management Agreement between MKIF and MKAM, and is responsible for operating and managing MKIF. The MKAM Board of Directors is comprised of three Directors, and their role is to monitor and oversee MKAM’s day-to-day business.

The current Directors of MKAM are:

  • Boum Sik (Jason) Suh - Representative Director
  • Eric Kim - Representative Director
  • Do Kyung Kim - Director

The credentials of the MKAM directors are detailed below.

Boum Sik (Jason) Suh

BA (Biology)
Representative Director

Mr. Suh was appointed as the Representative Director in October 2019. He joined the Macquarie Group in 2003 and worked in Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, and Japan, leading various infrastructure investments and asset management in sectors including toll road, railway, airport, renewable, waste management, petrochemical storage, city gas, district heating, cable operator, and water treatments.

Mr. Suh majored in Biology at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

Eric Kim 

MiF (Finance), BA (Finance and Accounting)
Representative Director

Mr. Kim was appointed as the Representative Director of MKAM in March 2020 following the completion of the merger between MKAM and its affiliate, MKOM. Mr. Kim is also the Country Lead of Macquarie Group Korea. He joined the Macquarie Group in 2002 and worked in Macquarie Capital Korea and Macquarie Securities Korea Limited. Prior to the merger with MKAM, Mr. Kim had served as the Representative Director of MKOM, leading investment and asset management activities across various industries including city gas, storage, environment service, renewable energy, media and security service.

Mr. Kim majored in finance and accounting at Georgetown University and holds a Master of Finance from INSEAD.

Do Kyung Kim  

LL. M., BA (Commercial Law)

Mr. Kim was appointed as Director of MKAM in March 2020. Since joining the Macquarie Group in 2011, Mr. Kim has been leading the legal work on transactions (asset acquisition & sale, business restructuring, capital raising, refinancing, etc.) and dispute resolutions for MKAM, the funds managed by MKAM and the assets invested by these funds. He is currently serving as General Counsel at MKAM to oversee various legal and contractual matters. Prior to joining the Macquarie Group, Mr. Kim was a lawyer at Kim Chang & Lee (previously known as Kim & Company) and Yulchon.

Mr. Kim has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Commercial Law from Yonsei University, and is an attorney at law and a member of the Korea Bar.